About Us


Araco Turkey is one of the leading companies in the sector in the world and in Turkey. Our company, which has been awarded for over 20 years of real estate development, management, trading and operational services, is also unrivaled in terms of arab references.

We provide services in the real estate sector for construction, subcontracting, development, import / export, consulting, restoration, management assistance, B2B services, turnkey services, leasing services and government related issues.

Our management services are divided into two as financial and operational. While providing financial solutions with accounting, budget and purchasing management services; We perform operational analysis with information, security, installation approval and management, internal operation support and administrative support.

Our trade services department provides quick and easy solutions to your representation and logistic needs in import / export, sales / marketing, franchise, international relations.

We guide our hospitality organizations, event and space management, tourism and agency services, MCE and talent management and all the specific needs of the companies to the finest detail.

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